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We are proud to offer you the following services!

  • Retail Jerky,Beef Sticks,BBQ Sauce,Steaks &more!

  • Custom Mobile Farm Slaughter;   

            Beef, Hogs, Lamb

  • Wild Game Processing

  • Haul in slaughter;

            Beef, Hogs, Lamb

  • WSDA Licensed & Inspected

  • Full service WSDA Meat shop

  • Smoke & Cure products

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Thank you for choosing Siebert Custom Slaughter & Meats LLC for your custom cutting needs! In order to ensure efficiency, we ask that you download and fill out your custom meat cut sheet. Once you have filled out the custom cutting sheet, please email it to us at or bring it with you when you visit us in person!

                                             Thank you and God Bless!! 


Fee Schedule

Slaughter Beef 

  • Haul in $130.00/On farm $200.00

  • Over 900lbs additional $20.00


  • Haul in $100.00/On farm $150.00

  • Over 350 lbs additional $10.00


  • Haul in $50.00/on farm $70.00


Cut wrap Beef/Swine

  • Vacuum Seal $1.00/lb

  • Hamburger beef: $1.05/lb

  • Wrapping 1 steak/pkg or special wrap per customer: $0.05/lb



  • Minimum: $60.00

  • Over 85 lbs: $0.85/lb


Custom Cure & Smoke

  • Cure: $1.25/lb

  • Peppered Bacon: $10.00 extra per side


Sausage & Smoking

  • Large casing: $2.00/lb

    • Summer Sausage, Pepperoni

  • Small Casing: $2.50/lb

    • Brats, Franks, German Sausage

  • Jerky: $3.25/lb

  • Peppered, Jalapeno, Teriyaki


20 lb minimum sausage & pepperoni, 10 lb minimum for jerky

Prices are subject to change without notice

Thank you!

Siebert Meats

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